27 July 2014

Loki. What's that?

Sister: What's that?
Me: Just Tumblr.
Me: *showing her the screen* Everytime I log into Tumblr a picture of Tom Hiddleston comes up. 
Sister: Who's that?
Me: *unbelieving* Loki
Sister: What's that? 
Me: *speechless*
Sister: *starts Googling* Well he's nothing special. Just the usual white boy. 


That's what happens when you still have toddlers. 

24 July 2014

Look at the view out of my office window today

Today we're in Cairns working at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair. We (Iscariot Media) are representing proppaNOW, and selling artwork and tshirts. It's a funny thing, thinking about where the business has come from over the past two decades. I would never have imagined myself speaking confidently about the artists and their works. It's easy with the proppaNOW group though,  as their work is clear in it's intention and I know their bodies of work so well. 

I'm looking forward to the next three days. It's a completely self-funded event, so fingers crossed, Cairns will love (and then buy) our shirts. 

17 July 2014

Dealing with the fallout

Dealing with the repercussions or fallout of a black dog period, sometimes makes coming out of it just as difficult as being in it. 

Tomorrow isn't always "just" another day. 

*repercussions may include, unanswered emails and phone-calls, avoided conversations, missed meetings, unpaid bills, unattended relationships. 

09 July 2014

NAIDOC and Blak History Month

July is crazy.

In addition to the Blog Carnival Deadly Bloggers is hosting, we worked last week at Teneriffe Markets for twelve hours, which I posted about on my Iscariot Media blog.

We are also launching Dark and Disturbing in two days at Musgrave Park. HOLY!!!!!

I'm also writing for Blak History Month and I haven't even started!!! (Sunday I promise) Follow it on Facebook or on Twitter to get your Great Moments in Blakistory Fact Sheets each day.

I also have a bunch of SEQICC duties, including meetings, social media-ing, and attending two corporate function.

I've done no exercise for the past two months and I'm beginning to feel it. Anita Heiss is currently training for a half-marathon, and she manages to do that and train. She's getting up before dark, in winter, in Sydney. Surely, I could find time to walk around the park once a day?? I wish I was addicted to exercise and movement. I love it when I do it, but when I stop, I'm completely stationary.

That's it. It's all I can afford right now. I have a report to finish before I get to bed, and tomorrow is bump-in for Musgrave, and a couple of meetings, and a corporate gig and art exhibition in the evening. *le sigh*

Come and say hello if you're going to Musgrave. I think we're in tent 106. See you there!!

02 July 2014

Annie writes

So Annie, unprompted I might add, wrote a post for the Deadly Bloggers Blog Carnival. I don't know why she offered to do a post. It's so public and she hates "people looking at her". She's written a few posts lately on her blog so I guess she was up for it. 

She chose to write about racism. Which I thought was odd, because she doesn't really ever talk about it that often. Actually rarely. At only 13 years of age, I think she's still in "listening" phase. She was always a good listener, soaking up the world. Reading her post, I think she sees her dad and I being "obsessed" with racism, discrimination and "the cause". Which is kind of funny, because I don't think we are. But I guess from an outsiders point of view, it probably looks like it. It's lovely watching them grow up and trying to make sense of the world. 

01 July 2014

Clearly ... purple is my favourite colour!

I spent most of Saturday on the computer creating graphics for the inaugural Deadly Bloggers Blog Carnival. I'd been thinking about doing something for ages but I just couldn't work out the structure. Then it hit me part way through last week.  

On Saturday, I spent the day writing and updating posts and creating the graphics. It's so bloody purple!! When I moved Deadly Bloggers to its own site from Blogger, I had to decide on a colour scheme - and purple it was. 

One of the joys or being the owner of it, is you get to decide. 

If you read this blog, I hope you'll take some time to visit and follow Deadly Bloggers (the blog) and all the deadly bloggers who make it up. 

And if you're on Twitter, the hashtag is #dbBC

30 June 2014

#blogJUNE is done

Well there you go. That's #blogJUNE done and dusted. Apart from one mishap where I missed a day (I made up for it later), I have (incredibly) finished it.

It was a good exercise - forcing myself to have something in the mind each day to write about, and having to find cheats (ie. posting stuff from work or presentations & speeches).

It's much easier to do a #blogJUNE when you only really blog for yourself, and not a business. I have "work" blogs that would benefit from increased content - but that would take much more planning.

Thanks flexnib for the inspiration, and hope to see you next year.

29 June 2014

Why I began blogging?

One of the participants last week at the Queensland Indigenous Youth Leadership Program, asked me why I began blogging.

I originally began in 2008/09 after I attended a workshop, facilitated by Edgeware, but run by Eddie Harran. In that probably only one and a half hour workshop, Eddie explained everything from blogs, MySpace (was dying but not quite dead), Facebook, Flickr, Blogger, Wordpress, RSS, Twitter and more. He gave context to the different platforms. I began to understand what things meant, in what order they happened, and importantly, how I could use them for my work.

But really, the answer to the question is, I began blogging for business. I wanted to share ideas about Indigenous education that I felt were being missed. I mean, it's easy to talk to a group of pre-service teachers, but once they've graduated? It's much hard to capture them. The odd after-school professional development session doesn't really help people who know so little.

I had built websites from templates before Eddie's talk. The first I probably built in the very early 2000s. It looked terrible. I continue (mostly) to build my own. I care less for the look of a site, than I do for the site's organisation of information and the quality and usefulness of its content.

Why do I blog now? I still blog for business, but on this space in particular, I blog for myself. I rarely tweet out what I've written, I don't count or measure the statistics. And the odd person or two eventually finds their way here.

Here. I blog for me.

Update: I was cleaning up the categories on Deadly Bloggers, and found this post I wrote in 2012. It relates.

28 June 2014

I deleted the Facebook app off my phone

I've had one of those weeks. The self-doubt weeks. It's during these weeks that I tend to delete Facebook "friends". I have no idea why I do it. I mean I know the triggers and stuff. But I can't work out why I think unfriending makes a difference. It's all in my head. I know.

So instead of going on an unfriending spree, I've deleted the app off my phone.

And guess what, I've survived. (and my Facebook "friendships" have too)

Whatever it is, it will eventually pass. And perhaps I'll reinstall the app.

One day, I'll understand what it all means.

Or not.

27 June 2014


I've been meaning to do this for a while, that is, document those deadly folks who are my #ff recommendations.

I first started this list back in September 2013 ... a never ending list...

  1. @LukeLPearson - an energetic, passionate Koori educator who initiated and drove the rotation curation account @IndigenousX
  2. @IndigenousX - a rotation curation (shifts change each Thursday) of Indigenous Australian voices
  3. @AnitaHeiss - author and activist who tirelessly works for a range of grassroots community causes online and in real life
  4. @TheKooriWoman - her no holds barred political, cultural and social opinion. She games, she writes, swears, she's deadly
  5. @NomadiqueMC - He's sweary, he's #metal and Green. One of the first people I followed on Twitter and one of the smartest brothas I know
  6. @Utopiana - not on the Twitterverse as much as the Facebookz, but if you need to keep up with her blogging, you must follow
  7. @SivParker - since joining the Twitterz she has owned it - storyteller, political observer, grassroots, activitist
  8. @Ren_1 - I can only describe in hashtags #realz #hiphop #critical #grassroots #truth
  9. @NareenYoung - a deadly sistah who never fails to stand up. Insightful, critical and essential
  10. @Liz_Loveslife - she doesn't blog (much to my disappointment) but her mix of politics-edu-black tweets rocks 
  11. @MsLou - black, feminist, lawyerly, unafraid
  12. @DrSRP - academic, intellectual, perceptive, fun. Asks questions, links meaningfully
  13. @DB_1974 Dameyon Bonson is a LGBQTI and Suicide Prevention Advocate. Makes you think and act
Don't know what a #FF is? Don't worry, it's a little bit 2010, but here is a quick history: http://technorati.com/social-media/article/do-you-followfriday-on-twitter-what/

26 June 2014

Thoughts on my wavering atheism

I like being an atheist. I'm not elitist about it, or staunch. It's just sensible. Virgin Births, burning pits of hell, parting seas, angels… yeah. righto. no thanks.

I was raised Catholic. We went to church every week until I was 18 when I decided that I didn't want to go anymore. When we were little we were so Catholic that when we stayed at Nan's, we would do the rosary before bed. I can still whip through a decade like nobody's business. 

I love my Cathlic stuff - I collect Rosary Beads and Nativity Sets. I go to Mass every now and then. I enjoy it. It relaxes me, and it reminds me of my youth. But the silliness (i.e. the lack of transparency, the patriarchy, the institutional sexism etc) of the Catholic Church… I know all that stuff means I can never fully go back.

Anyway, I am/was happy with my atheism.

Until the old fella went.

I find myself feeling better when I imagine that he's still here. That he is still with us. I so badly want him to still be here.

That's why I feel my atheism wavering like never before.

It hurts so much. Everyday I have to remind myself that he's not here anymore. The pain of him not being here on this earth pisses me off. He didn't get to finish the way he was meant to - he was taken.

I don't know how people do it. I'm a mess when I think about it. I'm a mess just writing these words.

But I feel good when I think of his spirit, with us and around us. He visits me in my dreams and when I'm daydreaming. I won't go back to the Church, but I'm not sure I want to go back to being atheist either.

I don't know if it's just a grief that's making me go back to the beliefs that were embedded in me so early and for so long. Maybe, like the grief, it will pass.

25 June 2014

Check-In time

I'm an Edgie. That is, I've done the Edgeware Build Your Business training, and am a casual facilitator of the program.

One of the first things you learn when you become an Edgie is to Check-In and Check-Out. It's an opportunity air your stuff - the good as well as the bad, what you've been up to, where your state of being is etc.

Last night we had an (online) Edgeware meeting, with facilitators from Australia and Europe. It was during my check-in that I became really aware of just how much I've got going on right now.

I shared that we are 
  • starting our new Dark and Disturbing brand
  • working on the SEQICC Annual Indigenous Business Breakfast
  • planning for a couple of market events in July (Teneriffe Markets and CIAF)
  • working on a new range of packages for the graphic design and web design components of our business.
What I didn't mention was that 
  • I was preparing for a presentation with the Queensland Youth Leadership Program at Parliament House (did it today)
  • "Launched" the inaugural Deadly Bloggers Blog Carnival
I can't believe how much I have on right now. The above to bullet lists don't even mention the client work and normal blogging work that we do. 

I feel pretty good right now. Though next week I may be going out of my mind.  

24 June 2014

Grab your foil! Selfies and the NSA

Someone just posted 
What if the selflies fad was created by the NSA to get updated photos of everyone
Bloody hell. Tin foil hat anyone?

23 June 2014

(not really) Winter

It's 8pm, and I'm wearing thongs, though I do have a scarf on. 

This is winter in Brisbane. 

It's the season where for a few days in an official three month season you get to wear boots, jackets, leather and scarves. I have jackets that are years old but barely worn. Same goes for my knee length boots. It's their third season, but not at all worn out. My winter cardies are probably a decade old, but still hold their own.

I'm sure it's hard to dispute the assertion that Brisbane winters are simply perfect, being neither too hot nor too cold.

We like to complain that winter is, well, wintery. But we can't, it's just not. Right now it's 18 degrees. In June. The middle of winter.

Could we really live anywhere else?


22 June 2014

Brief mention in Artlink

Thanks Carly Lane for a mention in her Artlink editorial. Looking forward to devouring the rest of this latest edition.

*Not a great #blogJUNE contribution, but there it is. 

21 June 2014

Mum's Garden

Sitting in mum's backyard tonight. Surrounded by overgrown trees and shrubs; the ground a carpet of fallen leaves; every minute or so a sting of a mosquito bite; dense oxygen filled air; the occasional movement of leaves from fluttering birds eager for a feed before the night comes; her garden, a cave that hides me from the outside world.


- is this the correct use of semi colans? I really don't know. 

20 June 2014

RIP Gordon Bennett

Gordon Bennett passed away a week ago. Tonight was to be his exhibition opening at Milani Gallery. Today, and for the next two weeks, the walls will be bare.


19 June 2014

The piklet post.

The no post post. 

The pic instead of a post post. 

The I have everything and nothing to day post. 

The it's two minutes before midnight post. 

A poor addition to the #blogJUNE effort I know. 

18 June 2014

Learning to lead

So, it's 10.35pm, and I'm struggling to come up with anything to post.

Right now I'm so overwhelmed by both my paid and unpaid work. I feel like I'm neglecting clients. They're so wonderful I can't believe they haven't Tweeted how crap the service (or lack of) is that they've been getting. All my work is fulfilling, and I know I need to delegate more effectively, but I'm still learning how. I must be so frustrating to work with me sometimes.

I'm definitely still working in the business than on it.

My volunteer work is taking up so much more time these past months, but there is currently no one to take my place and I do love the SEQICC and its vision. So leaving the organisation is absolutely out of the question right now.

I noted a few articles on Hilary Clinton's leadership secrets today. While some of the ideas are valuable, they don't necessarily help an ordinary woman like me right now.

What did help me today, was two particularly inspiring conversations I had.

The first was with someone who "played the possibility game" with me. Over the course of two hours, we trusted each other, told the truth to ourselves and each other, and came up with a pathway to creating something new in Brisbane, something that could really make a difference to the community. I only met her today, but she was inspiring and the meeting made me believe that people can work together without constantly border protecting.

The second was with an amazing Murri women who I've grown to love and admire over the past few years. Another ordinary woman, but an extraordinary talent and and mind. She gets me, understands the challenges of being a parent, a parent of teens, and working as an independent, with artists and within a creative space. I trust her implicitly. She also pushes me to be brave and to value myself and what I'm capable of. Coming away from two hours with her, leaves me energised.

Okay. So it turns out I do have something to write about this fine #blogJUNE day.

I'm still learning about leadership. I find myself reflecting on it more and more. The conversations I have help me to put the pieces together.

My dad bought a tablet

My dad bought a tablet. He's on it all the time, working on this and that. Last night though he had a bit of confusion. 

He was swiping his finger over the tablet and these streaks of black were appearing on the screen where he wiped. He was confused. Looking at his hands, looking for the black ink or paint on them, but not finding any. 

He said to mum "What's going on? Why is this black stuff on the screen?" Still unable to determine the source of the black, still looking at his hands. 

Mum just busted out laughing.

He was using a Paint app. 

17 June 2014

My son the Hobbit

I finally took the teens shopping to get some new sneakers. It's incredible how quickly and by how much they've grown. Gavin is a size 11, while Michael is a solid size 10.

Gavin towers over me, while Michael is still quite a bit shorter. He's always been a bit worried that he's not going to be as tall as his brothers. His growth rate is different to the other boys. So while he's still short, he has big feet. Which has him worried.

I told him, "not to worry Michael, you're going to get tall, you'll grow into your feet. Either that, or you're going to be a Hobbit - short with big feet". 

I lol'd, he frowned. 


16 June 2014


I've just finished a live interview with ABC Sunshine Coast radio. It's my third interview ever, and bloody hell. Talk about get the heart racing.

I have a new found respect for people who can keep their shit together when broadcasting live. And a new found sympathy for those who can't. 

If I keep doing interviews, I'm sure I'll end up being the idiot who comes out with a "suppository of all knowledge" style gem. 


15 June 2014

Weekly writing wrap

My primary focus this week has ben with the SEQICC, the organisation I've been volunteering with for the past (I think) four years. Right now I'm acting-Chair, have been Vice, Secretary and ordinary Board Member in the past.

One of the things I think we've failed to do in recent years has been around communication. As an under-resourced organisation, it's not exactly easy to take time out of our schedules, to fire off an email and/or a blog post.

This week I've spent quite a bit of time focused on the chamber. Here is some of the stuff I've written.

My goal is to produce at least one Member Feature (though it SERIOUSLY needs a new anymore interesting name!!!), and have a new blog post in draft. Hopefully I'll be able to continue to the newsletter once a month. That's the goal anyway.

I would say "wish me luck", but I don't think luck is a factor. 

14 June 2014

Stripped back (again)

If you visited the desktop version of Not Quite Cooked yesterday and then again this morning you would probably think "what the hell". 

Yes. I've stripped it bare. I do that occasionally. I have no idea why. I just do that sometimes. 

It will probably look different in another week or so. Or not. 

My blog is a Selfie

I stole the title (and pretty much the guts) of this post from Christopher S Penn's post of the same name.

I have other blogs. On Deadly Bloggers I post (infrequently) about Indigenous people on social media and blogging, on Iscariot Media, I post about business activities and a bit about social media and technology stuff, while on The Critical Classroom I post about the Indigenous education content. Those other blogs have a professional edge. I could probably outsource the posts for those blogs if I wanted to. While they're about me (they're my vision), they're bigger than just one person.

But here on Not Quite Cooked, it's absolutely about me. It's one big long selfie from the title to the link lists.

I think I'm a pretty lazy blogger. On my good day I say I'm a blogger, but most days I say "I have a blog". But even the infrequency of my posts, says something about me and who I am. I partly see the blog (and all the other online bits of me), as a diary my kids (and maybe grandchildren) will want to read one day long after I've gone.

For this reason, and as I've said before, I want to be braver about what I write about. There are a couple of topics I want to deal with one day. That's also why I'm enjoying #blogJUNE. It's forcing me to write, and to think about what I'm going to write. And if you're blogging everyday, "one day" is much closer than it might otherwise be.

13 June 2014

Please support IndigenousX

I made a video, please support the growth and development of IndigenousX.

12 June 2014

Plum and Green

I like these colours together, plum and green. 

This is an image from the beginning of the year showing off me new Revlon Plum lipstick, a lime green necklace from a jewellry shop* at Chermside and Frida brooch I bought a the Design College Australia markets in the Valley.

* When I remember the name of the shop, I'll update this post.

11 June 2014

A 1st of January story

Am sharing a story I told on Facebook, partly because I don't completely trust Facebook, but also because I didn't want it to get lost amongst the stream. Stories are archivable here.

I had no idea I was going to write this story down, it's just that I saw this image (2 Queensland Police constables delivered a baby girl at Indooroopilly Train Station) and it reminded me of 1st January Day a few years ago.  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152526000243254&set=a.399029753253.175744.339665603253&type=1&theater

My original status update:
Michael Ah Kee helped deliver a baby once, on the footpath, outside Cairns Base Hospital. Though I'm not sure "helped deliver" is exactly the right words. More like I ran up and knelt down and kinda scooped "mum" into my arms, catching baby as she delivered herself. I just kept mum talking while we (her resting in my arms) waited for a very shell-shocked dad and ultra professional hospital team to arrive. A pretty amazing "first day of the year" story that one was. (And we were in the paper the next day. I still have my hat that the midwife used to hold baby in while she cut the cord.) I still remember holding that fresh warm little body in my hands. Amazing stuff.

A comment from Sandy "That's an amazing story"

My comment:
It was amazing. We were parked across from the Cairns Base entrance (Michael was still asleep so I waited behind with him). He woke up and we started walking across the road when I heard a woman scream and fall to her knees and a man running away from her. My first thought was that he had hurt her and was running away. We ran across the road and as we got closer I realised she was giving birth. I just scooped her in my arms and we knelt there and the baby came. Mikey was just a little fella too. We had a good yarn about it later on. LOL. Not sure what would have happened had I not run to her - dread to think that the baby would have landed on the concrete - there were other people around but they just stood there and stared.

Sonia S commented " … the father must have freaked out"

My comment: 
Makes me smile every time I think of him, the poor bugger. I don't remember is face, just this poor hopeless hovering figure in the corner of my eye. You know that worried, anxious, and concerned but completely useless soul. The love of his life is going through probably the biggest moment of her life - on the footpath, in public, surrounded by strangers. Is she safe? Is the baby okay? How can I help? That's right. I can't. I only get to stand and be here. Bet he got completely wasted afterwards. #bless

That's my story. It was an incredible moment.


10 June 2014

You're not the problem

My #blogJUNE post for today is just going to be a link to an article following last night's Q&A:


Everyone needs to read the types of ideas that still exist in this country, that assimilation is the only way forward. So ignorant, and ethnocentric. No Coleman, assimilation is not the way forward at all. And no, Aboriginal People are not THE PROBLEM. His comments also show an incredible ignorance about the way that public funds are spent, and the inefficiencies of bureaucracy and the way that power is distributed and exercised.

I'll let you read it.

Be careful not to read the comments though. It is a news.com.au site, after all.

08 June 2014

Politics in business

As a business person there something I haven't quite worked out yet. How political or ideological are we allowed to be? Do we remain neutral so that no body knows our allegiances? Or do we where our colours on our sleeves? Before social media, it was easy to keep your opinions to yourself if you were just in the business of selling your widgets. But now, it's hard to is resist a like, a retweet, a follow, and a comment here and there. It's much harder to remain neutral.

I think it's not so much of an issue of you're selling widgets to the average Joe and Jane. But our business is immersed in a political / ideological environement. There are a range of political issues that impact on what we do, and importantly how we're perceived. 

I don't really think I'm capable of not declaring my ideological / political positions. They may not be immediately obvious as I talk about a lot of different topics. 

So do I hold off declaring my positions until we're an established business? Or do we build our business, one that reflects who we are and what we believe in? And if someone doesn't like if, well they don't have to hire us. And those who can deal with it, will hire us.

Hmm, I think I may have answered my own question.