28 December 2010

The interwebz give me ADD

I'm trying to write a blog post and I'm writing and looking for links and before you know it, I'm completely off task.

I start in one spot and half-an-hour later, i'm somewhere completely different. There are so many great links out there and things I want to read.

Every twenty minutes I have to shake my head and remember what I was doing.

Crazy stuff.....

27 December 2010

I love Google Docs

I love using Google Docs. With business partners in Townsville, Sydney and with me in Brisbane, we can work together on documents simultaneously.

I find it funny that my kids loathe using Google Docs - there aren't enough fonts, & wizz-bang bits on Docs, unlike the MicroSoft Word. I will continue to mould them into Docs users not only for the collaborative & sharing functions, but because it doesn't have all the peripheral junk of MS Word and makes them focus just on the word.

Having said all that, the presentation below proves there's enough creative potential in Google Docs if you're ready to look for it.

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

2010 has been a great year. Business wise we published Easter is Deadly. This was a special publication as we worked with a number of dear friends and family to create something quite different.

I also had the privilege of working with Jackie Huggins, Melissa Lucas and Anne Dunn on the National Indigenous Knowledge Centre Project at the State Library of Queensland in the second half of the year. This was the scoping project to make recommendations to the Commonwealth government about what an NIKC might look like, what it would do, where it would sit and how it would operate. Working on this project provided me with insight into national projects and how they are formed in their infancy.

Of course, family wise, everyone is healthy and happy. We've had some ups and downs of course, but overall, we're well.

I have some really exciting personal challenges this year that I'm planning. One of them is about creating learning materials that seeks to reduce racist, homophic, sexist and ablist language in schools. I believe that as adults we need to provide guidance and be role models. We need to be explicit about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behaviour. I have no idea yet how I will approach this, but I'm determined to do something pro-active and positive. I'll be blogging my success.

I should have been much more prepared and written a more comprehensive round-up of my year. But alas, its 1.11am on Christmas morning and I must be off to bed as I'm sure the two youngest kids will be up in a few hours desperate for the day to start. Little people + Christmas = priceless.

Thanks for reading. Have a peaceful and joyous Christmas.

Image: I created the image this evening - it's been in my head for a few days. I really wish I was a designer or at least had some designers skills.