"People who go about seeking to change the world, to diminish suffering, to demonstrate any kind of enlightenment, are often as flawed as anybody else. Sometimes more so. But it is the awareness of having faults, I think, and the knowledge that this links us to everyone on Earth, that opens us to courage and compassion. It occurs to me often that many of those I deeply love are flawed. They might actually have said or done some of the mean things I’ve felt, heard, read about, or feared. But it is their struggle with the flaw, surprisingly endearing, and the going on anyhow, that is part of what I cherish in them." Alice Walker

13 October 2010

Mary Mac & Marketing

In helping Lisa B set up her blog A Long Road Travelled about Mary MacKillop for her journey to Rome for the canonisation, I've been doing a bit of surfing in the guise of research. I've found some great stuff - mostly teamMARY stuff, some team FLYINGSPAGHETTIMONSTER.

I did have a laugh at the Catholic Marketing website. Catholics do marketing? You would have thought! I figured the Hillsong/Pentecostal bunch were great at marketing, but my intermittent experience of the Caholic Church over the years let led me to believe that Catholics had never heard of the idea of marketing. Because marketing folks is about building relationships & LISTENING! But I digress.

teamMARY stuff is on Lisa's blog. Haven't linked any anti-Mary stuff - cause haven't found anything interesting or insightful enough yet (i'll update when I do).

My Pick of the Posts is from Mike Stuchberry whose article, A Scene from my upcoming Mary MacKillop BioPic (Lethal Habit: The Mary McKillop Story) is definitely the best.

Lisa B leaves for Rome tomorrow. Her blogging habits are pretty dodgy (love you Lis, but you're hopeless), but we'll see how we go. Have fun & see you when you get home. 

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